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VisionIT Logo Atop New Center One Building Demonstrates Growth, Long-Term Commitment To The City of Detroit

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Detroit, MI – July 30,2013 – VisionIT, a global leader in information technology managed services and talent management, is proud to announce today its prominent new signage atop Midtown Detroit’s New Center One building. The company established its headquarters in Detroit more than 16 years ago and moved into the New Center One building 9 years ago. Today, VisionIT occupies significant office space on the 6th floor for well over one hundred employees who support over 1,000 team members globally.

The New Center One building is located within the heart of New Center, a prominent commercial and residential historic district of Detroit developed in the 1920s as a business hub. “Our signage on this notable building showcases our long-term commitment to city of Detroit and to this Midtown area,” says David Segura, CEO and founder of VisionIT.

“When I look up and see our logo atop New Center One, it symbolizes a number of things for me personally and professionally. As a third-generation Detroit native, I have deep roots in this area and a commitment to make a significant impact on a city that I believe we can help transform. That idea seemed monumental when it was just a few of us in downtown Detroit many years ago. Today however, we symbolize that a company with people working together, leveraging technology and innovation and outstanding customer service can thrive and grow in the IT industry,” said Segura.
Christine Rice, President of VisionIT shared, “This is definitely a key milestone in our company history as we are truly making our mark on Detroit. VisionIT team members everywhere should feel proud of what we are doing and how much they have contributed to the growth of company and the significance of how we are making the communities in which we operate better.”

About VisionIT
VisionIT, Inc. is a global leader in the areas of Information Technology (IT) Managed Services and Talent Management solutions. For more than 16 years, VisionIT has combined focus, agility, streamlined operations and the most talented IT professionals to deliver unmatched services to many Fortune 500 corporations and large government agencies. With 20 U.S. offices, personnel in 42 U.S. states and global operations in Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Philippines, VisionIT operates FAST.


Detroit Won’t Survive… IT will thrive

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Detriot Skyline

I’ve seen a lot of transformation from my office window six floors up in the heart of Midtown Detroit. When we first opened our doors more than 16 years ago, we were one of the first technology firms to establish our headquarters in Detroit. Much has changed since then as many new corporations as well as well-known companies have moved their headquarters to Detroit to be a part of a transformation that looks to mirror some of the attributes of innovation, investment, and high growth that exists in Silicon Valley. This is why I feel it’s important to remind our community, and the nation, about the possibilities for Detroit despite facing its biggest challenge in recent history.

As the third generation and close to 100 years in my family to call Detroit home, I can’t help but liken the city’s current situation with that of the fire in 1805 that nearly destroyed Detroit. The community faced tremendous hardship as it rebuilt the city from the ground up, yet it was an opportunity to make Detroit anything it wanted to be – the possibilities were endless. We are in many ways presented with the same opportunity today.

And standing out as an upcoming technology hub, is a reality that is close-at-hand.  In fact, Detroit was recently included among the 10 Underrated Hotbeds of American Innovation, ranked fifth nationally in technology-sector jobs, and was chosen number five on the 2012 list of fastest growing tech cities by

The ties to Silicon Valley are greater than a simple analogy, as many Detroit IT firms are helping venture-backed companies in Silicon Valley bring their technologies to market. A recent article in Crains Detroit addressed this movement, highlighting the Michigan eLab –University of Michigan alumni who have prospered in Silicon Valley who are now focused on building a bridge between Silicon Valley and Michigan by investing in disruptive technology that can leverage the talent in Detroit and Michigan.  VisionIT has been at the forefront of this trend, recently teaming with Silicon Valley venture-backed MobileForce to bring its innovative mobile application platform to market to our Fortune 500 customer base that mobile enables enterprise applications.

The rebuilding of our beloved Detroit will not happen overnight. But it’s important to remember that the business community long ago committed to re-developing the City of Detroit, and the tenacity of Detroit’s residents is often underestimated.

The fact is, there is more investment and momentum in rebuilding Detroit today then I can remember in the past 25 years. When we opened our doors, it was difficult to recruit people to work downtown, there was little to entice workers about the location. Today, we bring in people from all over the U.S. and Latin America who are impressed by the City’s business district and love the spirit of Detroit, an attitude and fortitude to keep building and team members joining us to be a part of our journey.

As I look out my office window facing north, I also see the neighborhoods surrounding our business district and I am reminded of the thousands of Detroit pensioners who may not receive all they were promised years ago. These are innocent bystanders who had little to do with the city’s bankruptcy, who worked for less pay at the time knowing that they would be taken care of in their latter years. It is for them that we owe a different future of Detroit.  It is one of the reasons VisionIT has stayed the course, doubled down in our investment in this city, and put our major community effort into the children of Detroit through T.LAB an innovation center for preK – 12 that is creating the future leaders of Detroit.

When I speak to these young people and see their educational achievements, their gifts they have been given, it strengthens my faith that Detroit will not just survive but thrive in the high tech economy and Detroit will have leaders driving innovation that has global impact.

Surprise! Interview Questions You Might Not be Prepared For

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InterviewYou’ve landed an interview for an IT position that you really want. You’ve done your homework on the company, networked with insiders, and you’re current on the technical skills required for the position. You know your strengths and weaknesses and can rattle of a list of accomplishments at the drop of a hat. So what happens when your interviewer asks a question that you didn’t rehearse?

This situation seems to be popping up all over the country these days, making social media headlines about the latest trend of asking bewildering IT interview questions. CIO magazine just recently covered the growing prevalence of perplexing interview questions that leading-edge companies such as, Google and Amazon have been throwing at job candidates, and asked IT hiring managers to weigh in.

As one of the largest recruiters of IT talent in the country, we thought we’d weigh in ourselves. While some companies may believe an off-beat interview question like Google’s “how many cows are in Canada?” is an integral part of hiring the right IT talent, they tend to be in the minority. However, many IT hiring managers use the interview phase of the hiring process to assess a candidate’s skills beyond the technical – attitude, personality, and social skills to name a few.

To that end, often a surprise question is used to gauge things like creativity, ability to respond under pressure, flexibility or problem-solving skills. If unexpected questions knock you off your game, it’s because they’re supposed to. Your interviewer wants to see how you handle surprises and gauge how you respond to the unexpected. So if you’re asked something that wasn’t on your roster of practice questions, simply stay calm and demonstrate a good attitude. It’s all part of the test.

One example of an eyebrow raising question could be, “What would you ask if you were me?” This allows you the opportunity to be creative and outline some accomplishments that may have been glossed over, but surprise questions can also let you have a little fun. One good response could be, “When can you start?” Surprise questions let you think outside the box, highlight your background in a more unique way, and show a little more of your personality and style.

No matter how much you prepare, there’s no way to know every question an interviewer will ask. The best you can do is demonstrate a good attitude, be as prepared as possible, and expect the unexpected.