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Training & Specialization Integral to Long-Term IT Career Success

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By Christine Murray

Senior Manager, Talent Engagement

There is little question that the IT profession is booming, and is viewed as one of the most promising and secure industries workers can enter. As with any other profession, however, there are career paths and opportunities IT professionals can take that will help them progress at warp speed. In the IT industry, one of those ways is through ongoing training and specialization.

IT careers are rewarding in part because of a greater sense of job security due to an overall skills gap between companies’ IT job requirements and a limited supply of skilled workers to fill them. In fact, a recent CompTIA State of the IT Skills Gap Study found that 93 percent of employers indicate there is an overall skills gap among their IT staff. Most important for IT professionals – the greatest percentage of respondents (46%) cited “fast changing technology, difficult for IT workers to stay current with skills” as a primary cause of skills gaps.

The bottom line is IT workers and candidates who invest time and resources into keeping their skills up-to-date via training, contract assignments, and research/specialization in trending technologies will be in high demand and at the helm of a skyrocketing career. Many IT workers, including one recently interviewed by CIO Magazine, have reaped the benefits of making periodic investments in their training and leveraging contract assignments to brand themselves as niche specialists in the latest technologies.

While the newest and most popular technologies may be in periodic demand, there are skill gaps to be filled even among foundational skills. The CompTIA survey found that companies place the highest levels of importance on skills associated with what could be described as the IT foundation such as, networks, servers, storage, security, database management and IT support.

As one of the fastest growing employers in the IT services industry in the country, we know the benefits contract work can bring to bear particularly for IT workers, specifically the ability to broaden skills and learn the latest technologies within some of the most prestigious companies around the globe. In addition, we strongly encourage our IT professionals to pursue training and certifications that will help them stand out.

We are acutely aware that the IT marketplace is an ever-changing landscape that requires ongoing training and specialization. That’s why we developed unprecedented partnerships with leading training and institutional organizations across the Country and online. Our partnership with New Horizons, the world’s largest independent IT training company, offers our candidates and employees major discounts on training, access to sought-after certifications, training facilities in all major U.S. markets and more. In addition, we have teamed up with accredited Institution University of Phoenix, to provide opportunities to grow professionally and educationally while receiving special corporate tuition savings and flexibility in class times and locations. Begin your training regimen today!