At the heart of VisionPRO’s technical excellence sits a single core competency: matching the best talent for a given business situation. Talent management is so important to our success that we have developed an approach to it that is unlike anything else in the market. In an industry used to “tossing resumes” we take an agency approach: we represent and advocate for talented professionals to make sure they are set up for success from the day they start to the day they roll off a project. By taking this much care with our talent up-front and engaging them, we can help our clients achieve the staffing needs that address finding scarce IT workers in today’s marketplace.

But we don’t stop there. Once we find the right talent we even do first-line screening of technical skills that ensure a quicker and more productive start, shaving additional time and expense from our clients’ recruiting cycles. Our talent engagement model requires a greater upfront investment than most staffing agencies are willing to make… and yields greater results than most staffing agencies can achieve.

VisionPRO  is addressing the tight supply of IT professionals by deploying a recruiting lifecycle that encompasses all facets of today’s social media and worker-led approach to matching workers with work assignments:  Strategic Research, Talent Communities, Talent Agents and Social & Mobile Engagement.

For VisionPRO, recruiting is a business process- not a person’s job title or a department. Our job is finding the best IT talent and managing them for success at our many client locations.