Situation For this project manager working on a VisionPRO  large beverage company account, day-to-day work is rarely usual or mundane.  PM David Hauck is one of our many knowledgeable, certified, and professional consultants who applies his experience and business acumen into satisfying our clients.  As a former CTO and development manager for a commercial software start-up and program integrator who provided strategic and tactical guidance,  David has a practiced hand at approaching projects from a learned project management perspective.  He handles a myriad of requests, performing well beyond the scope of his job description.  Currently, he is cloning himself between two offices, while preparing the project plan and scope for an initiative to move all benefits administration to one vendor.  This project will be completed by the time employees need to register for their 2016 benefits.  Not only will it result in huge cost savings for the company, but the move to one vendor will bring consistent service across all segments of the company. Although the project is being implemented in an organized fashion, is on schedule and moving forward, the development phase is experiencing a disconnect with a stalled ramp-up process and inconsistent work quality from the development partners.  The client is concerned that the project may not meet milestones and is spiraling out of control.
Solution To help remedy the inconsistent work quality and staggered progress, David served as primary PM and BA lead on the implementation of a new learning management system. He  sourced the product, built requirements, led the complete implementation and testing, and deployed it globally within a timeframe of a year. The new LMS exceeds the technology of the old system and is online and collaborative. External partners can collaborate and plan development using consistent processes and steps, and the application will bring much broader learning because of the additional mobile access. The new technology will also bring more efficiency and improved monitoring and adherence of the project schedule.
Results The move to one vendor is still ongoing and the client is “wildly pleased” with David’s work. The individual expressing that statement is the client’s global IT initiatives leader for HR and is well entrenched in the project.  When asked what David’s biggest impact has been thus far, the leader explained that the LMS project was a major accomplishment and that David was instrumental in expanding the scope to pull in other internal organizations.  Within five months after Go-Live, LMS membership more than doubled,  with four different groups added to share the new platform. The account is driving hard to add another five groups and provided additional funding for providing a competency assessment component to LMS.  David had a positive impact on the development and business partners through the consistent and well-structured processes of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Through SDLC, the first instance of project delivery was on schedule – to the satisfaction of our client, and within budget.  He promotes the project’s accomplishments in a very positive way…demonstrating credibility and gaining confidence of potential stakeholders.  The company has numerous projects underway and is in need of additional PM resources of David’s caliber and experience.  Leadership claims that if VisionPRO  found another “David” with the same kind of PM capabilities, polish, finesse, and combined technical and HR background, they could use the individual right away.

At every level, VisionIT is working to sustain the health of our clients and our communities by building partnerships and teams for long-term results. We have in-depth relationships with our consultants and loyalty that shines through the hardworking, committed, and experienced individuals like David.   David’s story and many others like it, contribute to our “Great Rated!” status in the Great Places to Work model. This model forms the basis of Great Rated!’s methodology, and is relied on internationally as the premiere assessment of employer culture. David is just one example of the type of VisionPRO team member we look for – and we hope that other clients will describe their experience with us in two words— “wildly pleased”.