VisionIT CEO Featured on SiriusXM Radio “Power Play”

(Detroit, MI)

CEO David H. Segura was featured on the March 20 broadcast of Power Play on Cristina Radio 146, discussing his successes as a Hispanic business owner of VisionIT, as well as the company’s continued growth since its inception in 1997.

Power Play airs on SiriusXM Cristina Radio 146. The show features political commentators republican Bettina Inclán and democrat Alicia Menendez, who share their unique perspectives as young Latina political strategists to provide a combination of politics, pop culture and social issues with a Latino perspective. The program also showcases the lives and careers of successful Latinos.

National Latino Broadcasting, a media company focused on serving Latino communities across the United States and Puerto Rico with compelling and topical content, operates Cristina Radio. The station boasts 40 million listeners.

VisionIT, Inc. is a global leader in the areas of information technology consulting, managed services, staffing and vendor management. For more than 15 years, VisionIT combines focus, agility, streamlined operations and the most talented IT professionals to deliver unmatched services to many Fortune 500 corporations and large government agencies. With 20 U.S. offices, personnel in 38 U.S. states, and global operations in Puerto Rico, Mexico and India, VisionIT operates FAST. To learn more about this growing technology leader visit